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If you are looking for an elegant setup to celebrate a special occasion, then our luxury picnic may be the perfect option indoors or out.

We only cater to intimate gatherings up to 8 guests.

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Styled with beautiful soft colours, fabrics, and greenery, you and your guests will feel like royalty for the occasion. Our picnics are set up and taken down the same day.


4 Colour Scheme Options: (Unfortunately we are not able to customize picnic colours)

  • Caribbean Blue

  • Tiffany Blue (not yet shown in gallery)

  • Boho Blush

  • Boho Blue

Packages start at $500

Picnic for 6 @ $500


Picnic for 8 @ $550


*Luxury Picnics are rented for the day for outdoor use.

*Indoor use may be kept for overnight. 

Luxury Picnics
Luxury Picnics10
Luxury Picnics6
Luxury Picnics3
Luxury Picnics8
Luxury Picnics4
Luxury Picnics5
Luxury Picnics7
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