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Little Glamp Party has chosen a bell tent made of 100% of cotton which is sustainable, renewable and the most biodegradable fabric. Cotton is breathable which is very important keeping your guests dry and comfortable. In the event of rain, this causes the fibres of the cotton canvas to swell, allowing it to bead and run off.  The tent has received additional canvas waterproofing and extra protection against mold and UV.

The Bell Tent can be decorated inside with any of our 30+ themes that can be found on our Glamping Themes page.

For those who want to add extra flair to their glamping party experience, we offer a picnic add-on option.

Bell Tent Glamping.webp

Tent Specifications:


  • The tent base has a 14.8ft diameter (requires 16ft diameter for setup with space for tension straps

  • Must be setup on grass only. We cannot setup on hardscape.

  • The door height is 5ft 4in

  • The center height is 9ft

  • The floor space is 172 ft²

  • Maximum capacity is 6 single or 5 twin air mattresses 

  • There are 4 windows and vents with mesh to keep the bugs out while providing ventilation and airflow 

  • The half-moon windows have zip up covers to allow you to customize your desired level of ventilation and privacy

  • Each window is equipped with loop fasteners to neatly hold the covers when the windows are unzipped

  • For maximum air flow on hot summer nights, the bottom of the tent can have a zipped in mesh layer instead of the solid bottom with 4 windows

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